Portrait FAQ’s

Are you willing to travel?

            I do sessions all over the metro Kansas City Area from Olathe to Blue Springs to Smithville. If you would like for me to go outside this area, I can do so for a small mileage charge.

 Do you choose the locations for my session?

            I can choose the location, I have quite a few favorites that I use regularly, Unity Village, West Bottoms and various areas on the Plaza, but I love finding new spots so if you have a location you want, we will make sure to use it.

How long are your sessions?

           The average session lasts anywhere from one to three hours, with two being average.  Seniors and Newborns are the exception, babies can take longer because we stop for feedings and to let them fall asleep, and seniors are just fun and we make a day of it if you like.

For your high school seniors are there limits to outfits and locations?

            Nope it’s your day!  I am game for just about anything, if you have props or pets, bring them (if you bring a pet, you will have to bring someone to watch it while we do the rest of your session).  This will most likely be the only photo session that’s all about you, even at your wedding you will have to share the spotlight.

Do you shoot 100% digital?

            Yes I do, I shoot with Sony bodies and always bring backup equipment to your session in order to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

Do you shoot in black and white as well as color?

            Sort of, I shoot all images in color, but convert many (and any you want) into black and white, sepia or antiqued images.  If I were to shoot in black and white I would not be able to take it back to color, so this gives the best of all worlds.  In your ordering galleries all images will be shown in color and a select few will be shown in black and white, but any images can be ordered in color.

Do you give a copyright release with your digital collections?

           Not quite, I give a print release which allows you to print any number of copies of the image at the lab of your choice as well as show them on your blogs and social networking sites, but not use them on other sites or for business purposes (the exception to this is corporate head shots).  I always retain “ownership” of the image.